The Bingo Beef Box


On Sale! Taking Pre-Orders now. Product will be ready mid-November.
Think Omaha Steaks but better quality with more meat for less money. Buy for yourself and/or give it as a gift!
4- 1+ pounds of ground beef
2- 20 oz. patty packs
1- Big Sirloin
2- T-bones
2- Rib Eyes
1- Club or Cube Steak
1- Porterhouse
1- Big Roast
2- Small Jerky Packs

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Don’t order those expensive online beef companies where you get minimal product for maximum price and you have no idea what is even in the meat!

Have Bingo deliver this straight to your door! Makes a great gift.

If you are not in Mercer County e-mail us about a possible delivery or pick-up.