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Beef Info and FAQ

If you are interested in signing up for a quarter of beef, then click the link to the sign up genius and sign up. Come back to this page and pay your deposit. After the steer goes in, Ben will invoice you the remaining balance you owe. Expect to receive this a day or two after the steers goes in. Once he gets ahold of you, you will contact the processor and confirm how you want your beef processed.

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What is a quarter of beef?

A quarter is what we call a “split side,” so you get half of the front and half of the back. You essentially split it equally with someone else.

What cuts do I get in a quarter?

You get all the cuts on a steer, steaks, roasts, etc. You get to tell the processor exactly how you would like it processed, packaged, and even if you'd like the heart, liver or tongue.

I've never done this before, is it hard?

No!  Once you do it once you feel like a pro.  Just call the processor when it's time and they will talk you through everything.

How do you charge for the beef?

We charge per pound on the hanging weight after the hide, head, hooves. and organs have been removed.

What is the current rate to buy beef?  

The 2024 cost to buy a quarter of beef is $3.75 a pound hanging weight plus processing, which is also based on hanging weight.  You will pay a deposit up front ($200), which will be deducted from the final hanging weight cost, to reserve your quarter. We tell people budget $200 for processing costs.

How much for a quarter/half?

I tell people to budget around $950 for a quarter and that includes processing.  It all depends on the weight of an animal.  Double that for a quarter, but you did get a $0.05 per pound reduction in price.

Do you ever give antibiotics or growth hormones?

There are no antibiotics given regularly.  However, on rare occasions, we may have a sick cow that requires medicine and for short time we may give them medicine to help them heal.   We never give the animals growth hormones.

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