Meet the Owner


Bingo Farms began back in 2014 selling produce but was quickly transitioned to it's primary focus of beef with the prodding of Aaron Tong, Ben's business partner and brother-in-law.  They went onto to sell chickens and also do hay and straw.  Eventually through mutual agreement Aaron started his own business selling hay and straw while Ben took over the beef business full time in Sept. of 2021.

Why the name Bingo?

We get this question a lot.  Back in 2014 when were deciding on a name, Neff Tong Farms or Tong Neff Farms just didn't have a nice ring to it.

While texting ideas for names back and forth Aaron asked Ben if he had any better ideas than Tong Neff and Ben texted back "Uh."
Aaron then text back "Bingo."
Ben replied "That's It?"
Aaron respnded, "What's it?"
Ben then confirmed "Bingo is it's name-o."

And the rest is history.

Every one remembers it and everyone spells it correctly.  Well almost...we did have one person write a check to Binge Farms which makes me wonder what they thought they were buying.

Be First to Know When Beef is Available!

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